Hi, welcome to the blog!

I am a writer. However,  I’m particularly a profile writer because nothing gives me a greater thrill than sitting across a guest and listening to their personal stories: their greatest joys, deepest fears, biggest hopes and saddest regrets.

I’ve previously worked, in different capacities, with society’s marginalised: the homeless, people with disabilities, the aged, the mentally ill, drug-addicted teenagers and domestic violence survivors.

Now, as a medical content developer, I often focus on patients who suffer from neurodegenerative illnesses, various types of cancer and spinal cord injuries.

The above encounters and opportunities have brought home to me one lesson:

Everyone has a story to tell, and sometimes, all they need, is someone to ask the questions.

I hope that, the stories herein, will resonate with every reader who comes along. The most important skill I’ve learnt from interviewing all the guests who’ve been featured thus far, is the power of hearing what is not being said.

Hon. Olago Aluoch showed me what passion can do to save a life; Sasha Mutai taught me what it means to be human; Jeff Koinange remains to me, the epitome of kindness and Sitawa Wafula’s strength to go on challenges me every single day.

I hope you too, may learn a number of things. This could be anything from working smart rather than hard, to paying one’s dues, resilience, survival, faith and even the importance of enjoying the journey to success, whatever that may be for you.

As you discover new people and find out more about some of your favourite personalities, may you be inspired enough to chart your own path and to go for your dreams full-throttle.

Thank you for passing by; I hope you stick around!

Yvonne Aoll