When I first spoke to Derek Bbanga, I made sure to ask him one particular question: what did he think about weaves? His answer was that of a knowledgeable man. A wise man. A man who knows he has to deal with women every day.

Derek, in one word, is an artist. He does photography as a hobby, he’s an actor, a speaker, an MC and also a fitness trainer. He is, however, also well known for being an image consultant and a relationship expert. He gives dating tips on the famous Kenyan dating show Tujuane.

Derek was kind enough to tell me what type of music gets him moving, brag about his culinary skills, and describe what a perfect date means for him.

Name: Derek Bbanga

Occupation: Personal Branding and Communications Consultant

Did you always think “When I grow up I want to be an image consultant, talk to people about etiquette and give dating tips?”

Even as recently as 4 years ago if someone had told me I would be doing this for a living I would have labelled them certifiable! I wanted to be a lawyer growing up.

Is being an MC a born talent or a learnt skill?

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“This Health Insurance Subsidy Program [HISP] may provide some illumination on healthcare spending among Kenya’s poorest households.”

“You cannot extrapolate a wider trend out of black-swan events. No matter how outrageous. Ergo, our current noise is just that – noise.”

“In a nutshell, here’s what the [allegedly] smart folk at NHIF are trying to do. [1] determine the cost of healthcare for indigents.”

Those are some of Ramah Nyang’s social media updates. He has worked for some of the most noteworthy radio and television stations in Kenya before settling at his current workplace, CCTV Africa .

For this feature, I asked Ramah if he owns a  photo where he’s not in a suit, he said those were quite rare and he’d have to rummage through his stuff to try and find some. He shies away from lenses by default, he says.

Yes, Ramah is serious when it comes to the job, no, he is not always in a suit. Yes, he has quite the barritone voice, no, there’s no secret to it. Yes, he has some advice for aspiring journalists, no, it’s not that they should emulate him. And in case you thought being on TV was all beauty,  glam and Colgate-white perfect smiles, he has something to say about that too.

Here’s a little about Ramah Nyang’s inside world.

Name: Ramah Nyang.

Occupation: Journalist.

What do you prefer, radio or TV?

Radio. It’s a pressure cooker! Very fast paced, and on a technical level, it’s somewhat easier to integrate with online news distribution than TV. It’s also much, much more personal than TV – although that’s a somewhat broad argument. Oh and I don’t have to wear makeup. Ever.
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