Edward Nyanaro is a Kenyan model, singer, voice over artist, actor and talent agent. He is one of the current young minds that tap into their creativity and try to make the best of it, including giving opportunities to other young folks.

Edward has featured in shows such as: Lies That Bind, Shuga, Mali and Sumu La Penzi. He is also the marketing manager and founder of the talent agency, 254 Talent Management.

In featuring his story,  I wanted to find out what the journey has been like for one who aims to make others’ dreams come true.


Name: Edward Nyanaro

Occupation: I am a singer with Fiesta Milele accapella group, actor – currently on Africa Magic Swahili’s Sumu La Penzi, commercial model, voice over artist and casting agent with 254 Talent Management.

What does your job as a casting agent involve?

My job entails fitting models to briefs that I get from clients and sending them to audition and  book the available jobs. I send photos of models to clients for approval especially for print adverts, making sure they are dressed according to briefs given by the clients and ensuring they keep time for the auditions. I also negotiate pricing for the models for either runway or commercial castings.

How long have you modeled for?

I’ve been modelling since March of 2009 to date, say five years now.

What did you do before modelling?

I started modeling when I was still working for an insurance company, CFC Life Insurance from late 2007 before which I hawked in Nairobi for three weeks hence getting my job in insurance.

Insurance and modelling, any similarities?

The similarity would be having to sell something in different perspectives. In modeling, the selling stops at the last flash of a camera while in insurance, it goes on day in day out.

What are the main differences between the two?

Insurance had serious targets to meet every week. I was a busy young guy who sold life insurance, personal accident covers,medical covers, air travel insurance, car insurance yet modeling is graceful. Taking photos in different outfits with a smile is what I remember I first did before I started booking adverts from TV commercials to print then billboards.

What are the best things about modelling?

The best would be booking adverts, that’s the most fulfilling period. Of course there’s the time on set where you are well taken care of (pampered) then the time the advert is out, running on either TV or up on a billboard then comes the attention :).

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