When a friend asked me to interview Gerald Langiri, I was hesitant. I’d seen him on a few shows and the few episodes I’d watched were definitely memorable.

Gerald worked as a host for an internet show called In The Forest, rightly named because it was shot in an actual forest.

However, the interviews were out of the ordinary and the guests were almost always clueless of what was going on, up until they were seated and Gerald showed up in a leopard print night gown, or with a hair brush, or actually, until he started asking the questions. He asked them questions on everything really: acting, competition, boobs, sexual orientations and even who’s sleeping with who.

Unconventional to say the least.

This saw a lady walk out on Gerald while an interview was on, another one come back and slap him in the course of a different interview and a guy show up and beat him up unexpectedly.  So yes, I wasn’t quite sure I wanted to take the risk and interview him. I wasn’t sure what to expect, until he absolutely surprised me and actually proved all the ideas I had of him wrong.

Gerald is engaging, knowledgeable and incredibly talented.  He also has such a generous spirit and openly told me about the acting world, his struggles, triumphs, ambitions and a bit about his past battle with alcohol. Oh, and also how best he prefers to devour chicken!


Name: Gerald Langiri but my close friends and family call me Gerry.

Occupation: Actor and Casting Director

“In the forest”…what exactly is the story behind it?

In The Forest…funny story. Being the founder of and having so much love for Kenyan actors, I wanted a TV talk show for actors by actors so that the public could get to know more about our Kenyan actors who were not that known.

I approached two producers who thought the idea wasn’t big enough for TV. One stated,  “You don’t have a talk show to make celebrities, instead you call celebrities to a talk show.” That made me think of changing the idea and making a crazy fun talk show where, irrespective of who the guest is, someone can still watch and enjoy the show.

I then approached Alex Konstantaras, (a producer and director whose previous work have been somewhat crazy) with the idea of doing a crazy talk show and he liked the idea. We worked on it together and In The Forest came to be…called so because it’s actually shot in a forest.

It doesn’t air on TV despite it getting a large number of followers on YouTube and that is partly because TV stations are claiming it’s too edgy for TV. Some sponsors have also shied away from it as much as they love the show because it won’t sit well with their corporate image.So at the moment we are working on getting sponsors before working on another season or we might just come up with something new all together.

And House of Lungula, a brief summary on what it was about?

A sexy comedy on the sexual habits of Kenyans… a movie set to be released in October…you said briefly. 🙂 Read more The Unwritten With: GERALD LANGIRI – ON LIFE BEYOND ACTING