When I asked Larry Asego, the radio presenter, for an interview, he asked me, “Are you going to ask me those bogus questions all interviewers ask? Because I have those ready on copy paste.”

I froze. This was a lot of pressure.

A month passed by before Larry and I finally got to do the interview.

Larry, is a busy man. He’s a comedian with a serious contagious sense of humour. He’s a radio host, an MC and an eloquent French speaker. He is also a doting father and he knows his food!

Larry is a guy who when quite a number of celebrities tremble when being interviewed by John Sibi Okumu, he, on the other hand, answers the questions like a boss. Like a man who’s knowledgeable; a man who knows what he’s talking about; a man who knows where he’s come from and where he’s going; a man who’s a master at his game.

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Name: Larry Asego

Occupation: Father, Radio Presenter, Teacher

A radio presenter, French teacher, comedian and MC, is there anything else you possibly do that’s not on that list?

Father. It’s a full time job that surpasses everything else. I’ve done a bit of TV as well.

Juggling all these gigs, what’s a typical day like?

Hectic. I’d love to wake up at 9am, but I wake up earlier than usual because my son doesn’t care about how my day is. Then I go to Alliance Francaise for my classes to teach French until around 1pm, then I head for my radio show at Classic 105 that goes until 7pm. I then go to class until 8.30pm at University of Nairobi where I’m doing my Masters.

If I have an MC gig then it probably goes until midnight or so. So I get home at like 1am. If I don’t have an MC gig, I’m probably rehearsing for a play. If I get home early, I read a bit then go to bed by around 10.30pm – 11pm. Read more The Unwritten With: LARRY ASEGO – COMEDY IS SERIOUS BUSINESS