His name is Malonza Chege and he, is the self declared “Captain of the Love Ship.”

There are blokes who think that’s such a corny title, ladies who reckon he is quite the looker and folks who are wondering what exactly happened to his face.

Malonza hosts the weekly Kenyan dating reality TV show Tujuane.

Before Tujuane, Malonza was a Big Brother Africa contestant and in putting this piece together, it was quite easy to tell that Malonza doesn’t let success get into his head.

People have been known to fail as a result of too many compliments. There are those who revel a little too much in all those good things said about them, celebrities who let all that public attention blow their egos, but Malonza is different, he seems to know how to play the game.

Malonza seems to know what a delicate balancing act this popularity thing is. And even  with the kind of recognition he has managed to attain so far, he still thinks he is not that famous yet.

Here’s more on Malonza Chege:


Name: Malonza Chege

Occupation: Television Host (Tujuane) and MC

“Captain of the love ship”, really, Malonza?

For you to stand out you have to be unique in your own way and this name fits me very well. I just didn’t know it in the beginning. I am that guy who would be giving relationship advice to my boys at 3a.m in a club. That also just adds to the bonified lover boy in the Big Brother Africa Stargame.

The title, do people receive it well, or do you get some critics?

The title has been received very well. A lot of people actually meet me on the streets as well as in matatus and they start calling me “Captain.” Of course there are the critics but they are there to make the brand better. It’s positive criticism.

From Big Brother, to hosting a show on KTN, did you ever dream of all that?

Oh, before Big Brother I did not know what I wanted to do so when the opportunity presented itself, I embraced it.

I know you don’t call the shots, but the public complains that there needs to be more “mature dates” on the show…

I don’t call the shots but my opinions are very well received. However, it is in agreement that everyone needs love, whether mature or not. Question is, are you bold enough to appear on the show?

What was your mum’s reaction the first time she saw you on Tujuane?

She was very excited and happy for me. She was very proud I must say.

And your dad’s?

He is one of my biggest critics but it’s all about positivity. He observed a few things that needed tightening but all in all he was proud and happy.

What’s the next dream, now that we’ve established you make a great TV host?

Why thank you very much. Well, I am into venture capitalism and I find myself investing here and there. Some things don’t work out while others do, such as ZyZy, an online clothing and accessories store. Other than business I am in the process of trying out some athletics, specifically marathons.

How is it working with Yvonne Bulimo?

It’s really amazing. The “Diva of Love” has got me learning a bunch of stuff and I am proud to work alongside her, but trust me, that “Diva” in her name is not for nothing.

She said here, that you’re a darling to work with…

Oh did she? Well I am.

Yvonne also once said you call her “big sis”…

Well that’s just her family-zoning me right there.

Is there a formula behind all that chemistry on and off camera?

Not really. We just gel. Our personalities allow for that. However, we have come from far.

What does Malonza’s typical Friday look like?

Well work of course. We work on our videos and on anything else that needs to be finalised for Tujuane and thereafter I just relax. After a long week I often just want to get home, shower, watch a movie and pass out enjoying my sweet dreams.

And your weekends?

Now weekends are a tad bit crazy. Usually this is when I look into ZyZy. My girlfriend and I manage the online store so we either have deliveries or bootsales or fashion events to attend. I also attend my younger sister’s (Ythera) concerts if any.

Do you rave?

Raving is kind of outta my plan right now, I am more into chilling in the house, with some friends, have a drink or head somewhere else. Not the usual boom boom twaf vibe.

What’s in your bucket list?


Bungee jumping.

Tomorrow Land festival,

Cruise ship partying,

Meeting Chris Brown,

Going to Bora Bora.

Sky diving,

Deep sea diving.

Travel, is it your thing?

Oh I love travelling. Any time I get a chance.

What destinations are you dying to go to?

The Maldives. It is a really amazing and beautiful place (from the photos I’ve seen). I mean, blue waters, white sandy beaches and warm tropical weather. It’s an exotic location.

You’re quite vocal about your girlfriend, how long have you both been an item?

Almost five years but of course with some issues involved.

Word on the street is that there may be a wedding in the works, is this true?

Soon is relative, we’re still working on our empires.

What lines did you use to woo her?

It wasn’t lines, it was perserverance. She had no interest in the beginning but I just kept pushing, being romantic, you know.  The small things really do matter and voila!

Can you a) cook?

Yes I can cook. My mum made sure that this was a skill attained by all her children whether male or female. Plus cooking is fun and for a guy, very attractive.

b) Sing?

My sister and girlfriend tell me to stick to my lane, but I reckon I can pull out a melodious line or two.

c) Dance?

Oh yes, most definitely. Especially when I was in high school.

d) Swim?

My friends say that water excites me and it’s very true. I love swimming.

Now that you’re famous, do girls flirt with you endlessly?

Well it depends on the scenario. During the day when walking on the streets, they will just pass me by and whisper into each others ears but I can often hear them so it really isn’t whispering. When it comes to an event, especially with alcohol involved, well that’s when the true colours surface.

What’s the best line to turn a girl down?

“Sorry, let me call my girlfriend and let her know that I am coming home to cook the chicken.”

What are some of your greatest fears?

I really fear failure.  It gets so intense and sometimes I do end up failing.

Drowning is also a great fear as well as being eaten by a shark while drowning.

Snake bites.

Being kidnapped and executed by a Mexican drug cartel.

If you could go back in time, what would you change?

Some of my poor decisions such as the ones that got me involved in an accident.

I would, most importantly, also change my money spending and money saving habits.

Did you imagine you would one day be famous?

Never in my life. I wanted to be famous though.

What have you had to sacrifice since the fame?

Nothing. I’m still the same old guy. A lot may have changed but I haven’t noticed it yet. I guess I’m not famous after all.

Is “fame” really the biggest curse?

Fame is what you make of it. It’s not much of a curse but more of a blessing in disguise. The manner in which you use it will determine what side of the coin you fall on.

What’s the one thing you’ve learnt about success?

Success is relative and should be tailor-made to an individual. My idea of success and yours could be totally different.

What are the two things you’ve learnt about life?

Life should be fun and enjoyable.

Life should not be taken for granted.

And the three things you’ve learnt about love?

Love is not the feeling you get when with someone rather what is left over after fights, distance and time.

Love cannot be measured or quantified.

Love is abundant.

What’s your advice to your 16 y/o self?

Ha, dude, the thirst is real.

And your advice to anyone who wants to be the next Malonza?

You cannot be the next Malonza or another Malonza. Only Malonza can be Malonza. Find who you are using Malonza as a role model.

Last words?

One thing that separates those who make it in life and those who do not is not how much they have at their disposal but how mentally willing they are to succeed.

Signed: Thee Captain of The Love Ship.