Serah Ndanu featured in one of Kenya’s most popular films, The Rugged Priest. She has talent, skill and she doesn’t goof around with the job. To most people, acting is just that, “acting”, but to Serah, it’s her passion, it’s her business, it’s her livelihood.

Aside from acting, Serah at one point had a travel company, which has now taken a back seat as she focuses on her number one passion.

Serah speaks on what shooting The Rugged Priest was really like, the art (or skill) behind that pure Mombasa Swahili accent and she also mentions some of the places she’s travelled to:

Name: Serah Ndanu

Occupation: Award Winning Actress

What shows have you featured in?

Nairobi Law, Rugged Priest, Noose Of Gold, Sumu La Penzi.

The Rugged Priest was fantastic…!

Yes, it was amazing!. It was my first ever screen play in which I was honoured to win an award for the Best Lead Actress in the 2011 Kalasha Awards. It was completely outside my comfort zone because not only was the film set in the 1970’s, but we also had to shoot in different parts of the country amidst beautiful scenarios and the rich Maasai culture for two straight months. It really helped me grow both as an actress and a person. The film also won multiple awards in different film festivals around the world.

Is Sumu La Penzi going to be as exciting as it looks?

It’s actually going to be epic! We have a wonderful cast and crew for this show. The chemistry will show on screen plus the plot is quite interesting.

The pure Swahili accent, do you get trained to perfect it?

Actually, no. This is part of being an actress. One has to delve into any given situation and get into character. So I’d pen the accent on talent.

What roles do you enjoy playing most?

I love playing different roles as long as they’re outside my comfort zone. The challenge makes it that much better and allows me to showcase my talent in different scenarios, which I believe is what acting is all about.

Acting and owning a tourism company in your twenties, is it hard to juggle both?

The key to this is time management. If you can master planning your time then nothing’s impossible. I’m however currently taking a back seat with the tourism company and focusing mostly on my career, which is my passion.

The general assumption is young people with their own businesses either get starting capital from their parents or they are indebted to their eyeballs, true or false?

True AND false. There are those who are lucky enough to be born with a silver spoon and there are those who have to dig through the mud to get it. I believe whichever way works for you is clever. You just have to want it bad enough never to give up on it.

What’s the one thing you wish you knew before starting the business?

Having a better understanding of how the specific business process runs. I wouldn’t have had to put all my eggs in one basket as I did back then.

In your time as a businessperson, what’s the number one skill you’ve learnt?

That business is mostly, if not always, about relationships. Most people get into business focusing primarily on the financial returns but in  the end realize that money has no owners, only spenders.

Back to acting, millions want to be famous, is fame all it seems? Glamorous, freebies, the high life and all?

It has its ups and downs. Yes there’s the glamour, fast life and all, but it is a very delicate balance one has to deal with. We all know the one thing we all adore is fortune and fame, but acting should be about the love for living your life on stage, not financial gain.

How do you unwind after a hectic day?

I take a shower as soon as I get home, prepare a nice meal, watch TV, go online, and just relax.

Seeing as you’re in the travel business, what are some of the destinations you’ve been to?

I’ve been to Dubai, China, Sweden, London, and France just to name a few. I love traveling and I’m looking forward to visiting the US and Australia on my next break.

What’s the one place that opened your eyes like no other?

Disney World in Paris.

Is it possible for people to travel on a budget?

I tend to work on a budget but I end up going way beyond what I had planned on spending almost always. So to answer your question, no I don’t think it is. This is just my opinion though.

Your personal advice to fellow young people, travel the world and explore or save and invest?

A little bit of both would suffice just fine. Work hard, play hard.

What’s your preference, wine,  juice, or tea? Wine.

Home cooked meals or take outs? My very own home cooked meals.

Girls night in or girls night out? Girls night out.

Your mantra on success? You’ve got to hate to lose more than you love to win.

On love? It doesn’t need to be perfect, it just needs to be true.

And life? On the off chance that you’re not going to live forever, why not take a shot at being happy now?

Last words? This is just the introduction.

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